About us

The Carbolic Soap Co was born out of our passion for nostalgia… bringing back products that we remember from our youth.

What started as a love of traditional carbolic soaps, just how they smelled at Granny’s house …then became multi-use household products, grew into delicious smelling luxurious vegan bar soaps and beyond.


As the business grew we have carefully chosen partner brands and products such as Vinolia, Teisen, Sunlight and more which we feel compliment our values and are of great quality too. 


We have our own brand soaps manufactured here in the UK to our own ingredients list. All partner products are clearly stated with any ingredients available on request. 


A passion of ours is the environment, sustainability and being plastic free. All our packaging is FSC accredited, this means it can be recycled and comes from a sustainable source. 

We use reused boxes / packing to send our your order, so please don’t be offended to receive recycled package (within latest covid guidance). 

Our own brand carbolic and household bars are sold “naked” carefully packed in recycled newspaper or packing.

In our opinion, lots of small things make a big difference! 


We take pride in being a family run business, director Nik, with Anna and Debbie dealing with all things order and admin related. Our warehouse is based in Bromley, UK and we sell online, being able to receive telephone orders and most recently have begun local markets too. This has been a great joy to bring our soaps out into the community, keep your eyes peeled for more info and hopefully coming to a market near you!


We are always looking for new partners and channels to sell our wonderful products. Please see our wholesale page for more information. 


And finally it’s lovely to hear from our customers, if you would like to give us some feedback or have a question our best contact is through our email