Sunlight Soap (Twin Pack, 150g)

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Many of our customers have been requesting Sunlight Household Soap, so we are bringing back a product that has worked superbly for over 100 years, it is retro, nostalgic, value for money and back to basics. This is something many people are looking for these days.

“Sunlight Soap” is ideal for stain removals, pre-treatment of stubborn stains, cleaning hard surfaces and hand washing after those jobs around the house, in the garden and working on the car. With its creamy lather, it leaves your hands smelling so wonderfully fresh.

Due to manufacturing the packaging is plastic wrapped. Something we do not agree with but are unable to source ‘naked’. Please recycle responsibly  and look after our Oceans.

The twin packs of Sunlight Soap contain 2 x 150g individually wrapped bars.